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Reviews of 4 Evangelion-Sounding or Otherwise Eva-Related Songs

There are, for some reason, many songs that remind me of Neon Genesis Evangelion, even though they don't really have much implied relation to the series.  There are others that actually have a specific relation to Evangelion, either in the title or in the musical material.  Either way, here's 4 tracks that remind me of Evangelion and that I feel fit the mood and atmosphere of the series.

1.  『Drip Drop』- ◎◙◎ N.E.R.V. after hours ◎◙◎ 03:0
This song, obviously, reminds me of Neon Genesis Evangelion for reasons relating to the name.  However, there are also a lot of aspects of the song that remind me of the show.  For one, the lyrical part of this song is sampled from one of the songs from it.  I know that the song it's from is related to Evangelion somehow, but I've never actually heard it in the show or relating material.  I think it might be something like Everything You've Ever Dreamed, where it was planned for Evangelion, but never actually used.  Either that, or it's from the rebuilds, which I haven't seen.  In terms of atmosphere, this piece perfectly matches, and even expands upon some parts of Evangelion.  The watery soundscape and the compressed instrumentation really make me think of a rainy Neo-Tokyo or some place deep within N.E.R.V.  The name also brings to mind a great amount of imagery, making me imagine an empty N.E.R.V. Headquarters late at night, housing a plethora of secrets and mysteries deep below.  While this is probably my favorite of Drip Drop's works, he has a lot of other great material, especially his Mix4AMDiscs, which is pretty cool.

2.  Slime Girls- Yumemi
I know that Pedro Silva, the man behind the chiptune/rock act Slime Girls has been inspired by Evangelion at some point, considering the fact that he covered A Cruel Angel's Thesis on his Vacation Wasteland EP.  Before I'd even heard that album, I felt that this song was very similar to the feeling of Evangelion, even though there wasn't much to draw between the two.  The Evangelion soundtrack is mainly jazz and a few other styles of movie-soundtrack instrumental tunes.  The music of Slime Girls is mainly rock and chiptune-based, so there doesn't seem to be much crossover between the two styles.  However, the way the Yumemi is done makes the world feel dark and lonely, and yet with a small glimpse of hope, very much like Evangelion.  It feels like the kind of song that one would listen to when the end of the world is both around the corner, yet still preventable, a feeling that parallels that of Evangelion.

3.  Frankjavcee- Sweet Future Funky Stuff
This song is reminiscent of Evangelion for me simply because it actually samples A Cruel Angel's Thesis.  Along with that, the song also makes use of samples from Give It To Me Baby by Rick James and Another One Bites the Dust.  I think that what I liked most about the use of A Cruel Angel's Thesis in this song was how surprising and abrupt it was.  It sounds like just a normal future funk song, but then out of nowhere the Eva theme just pops in.  This reminded me a lot of the Slime Girls album, Vacation Wasteland, which I mentioned before.  In the album, there's a surprise Evangelion reference in a form of a medley cover kind of the thing.  It was pretty cool because if you hadn't expected it beforehand, or hadn't been looking at the titles, you would have been totally surprised.  It's kind of a way that, after the majority of the album has been played, the entire work could be contextualized in a different way.  Anyways, this song made me think a lot about that.  Once again, Frank's work stands out just as funny, surprising, and enjoyable as ever.

4.  Boards of Canada- Farewell Fire
I said in an earlier post that this is one of my favorite songs by Boards of Canada, a band that I'm not usually that fond of.  This is because, as I said earlier, it stands out to me as very different from the rest of their music.  While a lot of their other material seems paranoid and on the verge of a nuclear apocalypse reminiscent of the Cold War or the 1950s, a purposeful stylistic choice, it seems, Farewell Fire reminds me a lot of Evangelion.  This could be either the apocalyptic and depressive tone, or the haziness in the synthesizer, which reminds me a lot of the space scenes in the series and in the End of Evangelion.  It could be because of the drawn out notes of the melancholy chords, staying present even with their coming end just nearby.  Either way, this song definitely reminds me of Evangelion.

I hope that you liked my review of these four songs that remind me of evangelion.  I'll link to the artists below.  Let me know in the comments about any songs that you find relatable to Evangelion if you have any or if you want to discuss anything.

N.E.R.V. After Hours
Sweet Future Funky Stuff
Farewell Fire

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