Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Some of my Favorite Aphex Twin Tracks That I Think go Well Together

This isn't really a playlist per se, but there are a few Aphex Twin songs that, to me, feel a lot different from the others.  I find a great number of Aphex Twin's songs to be kind of depressing- and not just the ones that are dowtempo or sad.  There are a lot of very upbeat Aphex Twin songs that I find to be moody or depressing in their feeling.  I find that a lot of songs on Drukqs seem this way for me.  There are, however, ultimately a lot of his songs that I think go very well together and establish their own mood very well, one that is different from a lot of the other Aphex Twin Tracks.  Here's a list of some that feel this way to me.

Aphex Twin- IZ-US
This song is definitely one of my favorites from Aphex Twin.  While I think that Richard has better melodies on a lot of other songs, this is definitely still a good one.  It reminds me, as pretty much all these songs do of a trip to England that the school band took last year.  I listened to this song a lot on the bus, so it reminds me of the cold, wet, and bustling streets of London.

User18081971- 35 Japan
This song from his soundcloud is a bit different from the others in that I don't really have incredibly strong memories of it to relate it to the rest of the songs on this list.  However, it does kind of remind me of them.  I feel like this could be a boss theme from a video game or something.

AFX- i'm self employed
I remember on that same London trip that I talked about earlier, I annoyed my roommate by playing this song really loudly all the time.  I like this one a lot.  It has a very nice melody, which is just slightly out of tune, adding just a bit of tension into the mix.

Aphex Twin- Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
This song is pretty cool, especially the strange bouncing ball effect which eventually becomes a percussive part.  The main melody that comes in later makes me very happy too.  This song reminds me of a time when I had to go to a doctor in Chicago for a leg problem and listened to it on the car ride there.

Aphex Twin/AFX- 34 ibiza spliff
This is probably my favorite Aphex Twin song of all time.  It's also probably one of the most relaxing songs I've ever listened to.  A lot of people get a warmer feel from this song, but I think it's pretty icy, but not in a cold kind of way.  A lot of people also believe that this comes from the I Care Because You Do era of songs.  Honesty though, I think that the percussion and synth sounds are much more similar to the style of the songs on Come to Daddy.  Overall, I really cherish the place this song holds in my heart.  It reminds me of relaxing Winters.

All in all, all of these songs are very special to me and really stand out from the rest of Aphex Twin's works.  If you have any suggestions for Aphex Twin songs or any other songs that feel this way, please leave a comment and let me know!

Side Note: Two other songs that aren't by Aphex Twin, but, in my opinion, feel similar to these are Farewell Fire by Boards of Canada and Day of Reflection by Disasterpeace.

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